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Tuesday Hotness – Allu Arjun

You know, some weeks it probably seems like all I do is post photos of attractive men. Is that such a crime? IS IT?

You know what else, dear reader, I'd love to hear about your Tuesday Hotness – so give me a write at and give me a list. Check it twice. My gift to you over the holiday season will be 12 Days of Hotness, which may very well coincide with that other holiday, and I'll feature 12 days of hotties – men and/or women. Gender doesn't matter. Hotness does.

Mmm…speaking of hotness, a guy I know sent me this video:  

I love the skipping rope whooshes. Damn he's working out hard! Whoosh whoosh…etc
Random, yes, but appreciated, because I went and did my homework and it turns out that Allu is a bit of a heartbreaker. 

I can't remember the last time I was chased by six guys brandishing love scarves. Damn.