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Tuesday Hotness…and a federal election quickie: GET OUT AND VOTE

You have until 6pm to exercise your democratic right and make a difference in this country. 

If you're disinterested in voting for your own political purposes, vote to make a difference in mine. Federal government funding to the Canada Council for the Arts is what gave the Council the subsequent ability to award me a "Substanence" Grant in 2006 (no ritzy galas, despite what Mr. Harper says, just enough money for me to pay rent and groceries).

This grant was the only thing that gave me the freedom and space to write and publish my first book.

Vote Liberal. Or vote NDP or Green.

And for up-to-date commentary and riding information, visit anytime after 7pm PST and follow the link to a live feed authored by Vancouver Editor Robin Perelle, Ottawa Editor Marcus McCann and Toronto blogger Scott Dagostino. 

And now for your hotness:

Have you seen The Fall yet…Lee Pace is this weeks hotness and my first Homofication candidate in a long long time. 

Here's a clip from The Fall – low quality, but just look at Lee all bedridden (drool) 

Something about his voice and about his screen presence. Nothing sexier than dignity. I loved this movie. And I loved Lee in it. Here are some photos – he doesn't take his shirt off for point and shoot cameras apparently. So you'll have to rent The Fall if you want to see anything more.

PS This guy is also in the film – his name is Kim Uylenbroek