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Tuesday Hotness…and a question for you, dear reader

Before we get to the hotness, I would like to open this up and encourage…nay, plead…that you comment on the following:

What do you call it when someone has sex with you on the first date, but says "I think we should wait" on the second?

All I could come up with was "mixed massages"

I would love to hear something cleverer from you, dear reader, and perhaps a story to accompany your name for it. Click on the add comment option below or email me at

While you think about it, you should also think about this:

And now back to your regularly scheduled blogramming…

I stole some of the following photos from Queer Two Cents – a site run by a fellow Canuck (Shane the webmaster has been a long time supporter of yours truly – I LOVE that guy)… Click on the link below to get to his site. He and I have the same taste in guys apparently. Hubba hubba.

The beauty of… Alper Ergin

Check out Alper Ergin's site to purchase his work.

And because I love you, dear reader, here are some newer photos from Alper`s site…this one is called Confused… 

Hmm…I'm not confused. Come talk to me about it, Alper…and if you lose your shirt on your way over, I'll understand. Sometimes it happens to the best of us…