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Tuesday Hotness – Ben Edwards

Yeah yeah…I know I said no more Mr. Gay World postings, but I have been DYING to post something about Ben Edwards/Mr. Gay Australia. You know, I've sorta reached the stage in my life where the starry-eyed romantic has been beaten off…I mean out…of me. At 28, I'm starting to believe that the mythical great guy is actually just that: mythical. I'm talking about those charming guys, the ones who can make you laugh effortlessly, who take care of their bodies, have a taste for adventure and are handsome enough to make you smile in spite of yourself. 

Well look at that, I guess the romantic is still there after all.

Anyway, my friends and I got to hang out with Ben for a bit during the compeition. Let me tell you: I have never seen someone not "work" a room but have the room work its way towards him quite in the same way as it did for Ben. People were drawn to this guy. I don't even know what sort of quality that is and can't even describe it properly, but hell, it's something else.

If you're heading down to Mardi Gras next week, make the effort to find Ben and say hi. And hey, make sure you tell him that I still have a bit of crush on him too. When he starts talking, you'll undestand why.