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Tuesday Hotness – CruiseyT by Brandon Guakel

If you're looking for a good time, call Brandon Gaukel. He's one hell of a photographer and probably one of my favourite people to cover events with for Xtra West.

He and I got to cover this seasons first cruise – the May 24 CruiseyT Kick Off Party Cruise. I've always been so-so about those cruises. Trapped on a boat with hundreds of homos you say? Well, it turns out that is actually a good thing. Who knew. I'll post the accompanying print column that fully covers the CruisyT Party Cruise when it is published in print on Wednesday. As a teaser to my print column, I offer you the following photo compilation and captions by my buddy Brandon for the hotness files.

Note to James Steck and CruiseyT team: we want to come back for the Pride series to contrast the two. And a note to all you readers: get your tickets before they sell out!

The Dos and Don'ts by Brando:

Do: shamelessly lick your employers sign.

Do: look fabulous on the cruise, white is suggested but not always pulled off this well.

Don't: forget to take a picture of the flags

Don't: forget your own party cup complete with crazy straw.

Do: become friends with James Steck, the best boat promoter in town.

Do: fall in love with the bear falling in love with a lighthouse.

Do: talk to the hottest bartender on boat, looked like porn star francois sagat

Do: buy a ticket because cruise ships are for all ages!


Do: decide if you are going to be pants or no pants. Half way down your legs is not ammusing for anyone.


Don't: forget your sunscreen, we did see some boys pink as dink after the cruise.


Do: wear raybans, always.

Don't: wonder why Joan-E was the first person off the boat…the answer may just drive you stark raving MAD!