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Tuesday Hotness – DJ Eddie Martinez

I'll admit that I've always had a bad case of Latin passion. There's also something about DJs, and guys like Eddie really don't help. He headlined Big Roger's Magic party NYE 2009, and I managed to grab a photo with him for Cocked & Loaded at the time. Aside from a high-five while he was mixing, I didn't really get a chance to interact with him more… and I regret that.

He's just posted a new podcast and you can download it here. Ay yi yi! Do it. It's a good sample of his talent…. I had a full head exxxplosion over the track that comes in at 33.38 and leads the transition into more circuity house.

Not only can this guy mix and produce, he also has one of the nicest chests I've ever seen…. but in order to see it, you'll probably have to become his friend on Facebook. I couldn't find you guys any online, so check these out and use your imagination. Rumour has it he will be spinning in Vancouver in the next two months, so get out and see him for yourself:

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