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Tuesday Hotness – DJ Felipe Lira

Let's clear up a long standing rumour. When I mention local producers like Terry Costa or James Steck or Tommy D and/or the Flame and the Dame or the GMF team or Rico Amezquita or Dj Betty Ford, it's not because they are all giving me blow jobs in return for coverage here on UYA or in Cocked & Loaded.It's because they are paying me tens and tens of dollars.

No no, I kid. It's because they are promoters who are — gasp — good at their jobs and actually promote their events by directly calling me or meeting for drinks or with a personal email.

Terry Costa recently alerted me that a gay DJ from BRAZIL is coming to town and voila! I give you this welcome addition to the hotness files:

Bitch please!

Sir Chestalot? Call me? What what?

Here's the event write up:

THURSDAY, JUNE 4th, 2009

hottest Brazilian DJ is coming to Vancouver… DJ FELIPE LIRA was
awarded DJ of the year by "DOM" magazine and "DJ Sound" for 2008. Now,
he debuts in Vancouver for the first "Made in Rio" event that welcomes
the flare of Rio de Janeiro complete with samba girls and go go boys
wearing the latest feathers and fashions from Brazil. Opening the night
we welcome duo PEPE LORENZO (Portugal) and SASHKO (Macedonia) to
warm-up the dance floor. VAI ARRAZAR!!!

de Janeiro, Lira has played all the major clubs in the city of samba
and capoeira as well across the country including major venues in Sao
Paulo; he is the only DJ to accomplish a two-year residency at "The
Week Rio" where he created the hottest after-party event the city has
ever seen. Travelling around the world and regular nights at Apple
Mixxx International is where he now spends most of his time.
Electric-tribal and house with a Brazilian twist, Lira's sets are made
to "get the people on the dance floor, smiling, dancing and happy as if
the best day of their lives."

For this event, Celebrities Night
Club will transmit the vibrant energy of Brazil, with Samba and
Capoeira dancers, Brazilian models and, so, indefinitely, on. This is a
spectacle not to be missed. Full details to follow shortly. Stay tuned.

Tickets will be availble for sale soon.