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Tuesday Hotness: DJ Kio Kio

You know, it turns out that I wasn't giving our DJs enough credit. They are as hot as they are soundsmiths. Here's a welcome addition to the hotness files. DJ Kio Kio, hailing from LA, is a sonic and visual spectacle worth listening to/watching:

Here's the bio from his Facebook fanpage:

seems that all roads or in Dj Kio Kio's situation, all passions cross
creating an intersection that truly provides more pleasure then
confusion. These passions deal with his sweet yet sensual side and
provide the foundation of his growth. Whether it's music, dancing, or
food, Kio has incorporated all these ingredients throughout his life.

in North Bay, Ontario Canada, Carlo Chiocchio (hence Kio Kio) moved to
Toronto where he earned not only a B.A in Urban Geography but a new
glimpse into his future with music. While attending York University,
Kio entered the house music scene and there heard the magic of Djs
Angel Mares, Frankie Knuckles, and David Morales.
After earning his
degree he moved south where his career began. South Beach, Florida was
where Dj Kio Kio was created and resided at PUMP after hours where his
style began to evolve. After a 2 and a half year residency at PUMP
ended, Kio started his own party downtown Miami. Frequency was another
after hour venue that garnered recognition as a promoter and dj. While
djing in Miami Beach he quickly created a name for himself and began to
travel out west to parties in Los Angels, San Francisco and San Diego.

from Miami to L.A, Dj Kio Kio held residencies and frequently played at
the Palace (now Avalon), RAGE, HERE Lounge and the Mayan. He also
played large parties such as San Diego pride, Palm Springs White Party,
Labour Day L.A and made International travel to venues such as
Singapore, Costa Rica, Rio De Janeiro, Vancouver, Mexico City, and Sao

His production has not been to the fore front yet,
however he did release mixes with InDisguise and remixed "Destiny" and
"Want Your Love"on the "Transitions" Lp.

His passion for music
has finally crossed with his over indulgence and lust for chocolate and
in 2008 he financially and creatively created CHOCOLATE, a night
dedicated to house music and everything chocolate. Now in 2009 he
returns with a much more refined version of CHOCOLATE in a more
sophisticated venue and will launch CHOCO-L.A (use your fake french
accent). Now that's crossing all your passions in life.