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Tuesday Hotness – Evan Wadle

**Just a reminder to get your Vancouver International Writers Festival tickets this week – and make sure you come to Event #33 – Gazebo.
It's Thursday night at 8pm. I'm performing with seven other authors.
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My buddy Shane at Queer Two Cents has been giving me some blog love so it's my turn to return the favour. Shane has great taste in men and I check his blog regularly for my weekly allotment of beefcake. I'd never even heard of Evan Wadle until today…oh Tuesday Hotness, you incorrigible rapacious scoundrel you, I heart you for helping me oogle hot uber-models via the internet.

Note: upon further research, Evan Wadle is a blog whore (not to be confused with a blog Horlor, which is me) – is there any blog he hasn't done? Is there? IS THERE? 

That said, I'm happy to report that Evan can add an Up your Alley: Vancouver's Gay Blog notch to his blog belt…



I don't think I've ever like North Face as much as I do right now…

Ah who am I kidding…lose the bag already.