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Tuesday Hotness – Gods of Football

Wondering what to get your special someone for Christmas? Well, if you can't actually afford to buy him…or her…or them (hey it's the 2000s) a night with a football player, go ahead and buy them the Gods of Football calendar instead.

Wasn't that easy? You sure are thoughtful, loyal Up Your Alley reader. And sexy. Yeah you are.

Hell, maybe you should buy me one of these calendars just for telling you about it. In fact, you better buy me one…

…or else.

For those who read semi-regularly, I can hear you saying to yourself: "Sure sure, Horlor, you promised to stop threatening your readers in October. What gives?"

Well, loyal reader, contrary to what you may have read on this blog, I will give random, unsubstantiated threats whenever I feel like it. So there. What are you going to do about? Keep reading? Fine then…you do that.

So why exactly am I posting about the Gods of Football calendar? I'm glad you asked. When I posted pictures of Nick Youngquest the other week (pictures now available here) for Tuesday hotness, Robert Bass, the Founding Director for Yes We Are! Entertainment ( wrote me up to say that Youngquest was the headliner for a calendar being released on November 25 through Priape stores throughout North America. Being a go-getter/opportunity-whore, I decided to call him up in San Fransisco to say hello and get some more info on his project.

Translation: I was expecting him to offer me an account executive position with his company representing GABRIEL CROISSIER's new line of men's swimwear (See below). But when that didn't materialize, I was willing to accept some delightful emails and some saucy telephone banter instead.


So that's just the warm up (terrible sports double entredre…I think I just threw up in my mouth). <Deep breath> Okay, I'm fine now. Here's the full tuesday hotness for ya. First two photos are Nick Youngquest, then it's Matt Cooper and finally Kayne Lawton. All photos are by Pedro Virgil.



Many thanks to Robert Bass for providing me with these photos. Go out and get yourself a calendar already. For more information, visit

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For more information, search Facebook for Peter Breeze or visit Peter's MySpace page.