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Tuesday Hotness – Haaz Sleiman

Girl got around this weekend: TFD's T-Dance at J Lounge on Sunday was the best-attended gay event I've seen at that venue yet, and Big Roger's Viva at Gorgomish was their busiest afterhours I've attended to date. Congrats to both promoters. Vancouver is ready for summer. Amen.

It was delicious to see so many Up Your Alley readers…. Thanks for the support. I'm happy to hear from anyone who occasionally whores themselves out and read postings here from time to time. Jason, Ron, Murray and the rest of you homos whose names I can't remember right now: you like me, you really like me…

…or are nice to my face. I'll take either. **Heartsies**

I like this photo of Sally. We pretty much have the same haircut… an Oscar-winning haircut. Stylist Wendy at Enchante: you're THE BEST!

I spent a big part of yesterday lounging around watching the first season of Nurse Jackie. Substance abuse, murder, nursing frocks…. What more can a girl ask for? The show is brillo, and I sort of have a crush on Haaz Sleiman, who plays nurse Mo-Mo. A knuckle-dragger with a smart mouth? He's probably neither of those things in real life, but I can dream… 


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