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Tuesday Hotness – HIM Butt Class

Oh I am not joking. I ASSure you, I would NEVAH!

Did you know that the Health Initiative for Men has a listserve you can join at Imagine. They will send you notifications on breaking gay health news, including the following class tomorrow night. I love that Nurse Paul, and I will be going with a couple friends of mine. What you don`t know about your ass could probably kill you (or others). I`ll give you a report on what we learn later this week.





has one. Many of us have spent countless hours exploring the pleasure
the ass can offer, but we don't often talk about what it takes to keep
it healthy and happy. Join Nurse Paul and other gay men for an intro to
the anatomy of this much-loved treasure and to the countless ways to
enjoy your own and others'. This workshop will also address myths,
doubts and health questions you may have but have never had the
opportunity to frankly explore.

Booty is a one-off, fun workshop presented by Health Initiative for Men
on February 2nd, 7–9pm at HIM offices (310-1033 Davie Street)

To register or for more information
contact or call 604 488 1001


In other news, it is Doppelganger Week on Facebook. Find your closest celebrity, professional athlete or d-lister and go crazy! My sister Lindsay picked for me and guess who she chose…ruh row!

God bless my hair straightener! BLESS!


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