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Tuesday Hotness: Jared Connaughton

I've let the ball (or balls?) drop on the hotness files here. So I'm
going to make it a regular Tuesday feature. I promise. Tuesdays are
hard. So is this guy:
Have YOU been watching the Olympics? I saw PEI's Jared Connaughton run
yesterday and swear to god and baby jesus on the cross: my pants jumped
right off my legs and ran out the apartment door.

Not for public use? Pffft. Quit bossing me around, "not for public use" boss. You don't know me.

number one in my books, Jared, so go ahead and kick some ass in your
semis tomorrow. And if you need a "writer" to help sort out your crazy
Beijing experiences into a bare-all…fine, I mean tell-all…
biography, or you know, someone to come lift weights from time to time,
I'm your man: call me!