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Tuesday Hotness – Justin Duffy

For the record, I was in Melriches on Sunday night and the barista I despise was working. On my way out, he turned to his coworker, nodded towards me and said, "I hate that douchebag."

Although I was temporarily overwhelmed by the urge to punch him in the throat, I now understand that that was due to the testosterone suppliments/"angry pills" I've been taking in order to beef up for the TV pilot (fingers crossed still folks).

In hindsight, my least favourite barista in the city helped me realize that I have arrived, Vancouver. Even slackjawed burnouts are recognizing my douchebaggery and douchebaggish ways. So in the spirit of douche, I am reposting the following:

Popped collar? What what?
And now here's yer hotness. I managed to find this model (Justin Duffy) on facebook. He did share these photos with yours truly and he is truly worthy of a Tuesday posting: