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Tuesday Hotness: Justin Lukach…and Piss Off Week: #2 – Walking on the right side of the sidewalk

I'm not going to lie. I am an avid Departures fan and when it comes to choosing my favourite host, it's Justin Lukach hands down. This guy inspired me to get my shit together and pitch a TV show to OUTtv. Thanks, Justin!!

Departures airs regularly on and on the National Geogprahic channel in countries other than Canada.

Now on to Piss Off Week: #2 – Walking on the right side of the sidewalk
This is an easy on, people, cause I've already given away everything in the title. This is something my parents told me when I was a lot younger and asked: Is there a side of the sidewalk I should be walking on?

In Canada, foot traffic, like car traffic, should keep to the righthand side of the sidewalk at all times, UNLESS you are walking on the street in which case you should walk against the flow of car traffic.
Look at the foot traffic pattern in the following photo:

To the right, to the right…

You could learn a lot from these orderly sidewalk walkers from the 1990s, Vancouver!

What pisses me off: People who walk in the middle of sidewalks. People who walk against sidewalk flow. Shufflers. Daudlers. Lolligaggers.

Advice: Walk on the right hand side unless you are passing a slow walker. If you are a slow walker, do not walk with your arms linked to three or four other slow walkers. In fact, never walk down regular-sized sidewalks more than two abreast. It is rude. RUDE. You heard me: RUDE.

More Advice: After passing a slow walker, return to the righthand side of the sidewalk.

Further advice: Don't stop in the middle of sidewalk without looking around to see who's behind you. If you do this regularly, bitch please, you deserve that full-body check you're gonna get any second now from the person walking directly behind you.