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Tuesday Hotness – M Flynn … and Fug Madness update

Thought the Fug Madness Winner would be announced yesterday afternoon – but alas, no. It's a tight match folks – SWINTON at 49%, Aubrey O'Day at 51%..maybe check the fug site for an update. Click here.

Note: if you want to come down to Pumpjack today between 5-9, I'll be on a promo team for Sailor Jerry's Rum. Come say hi. I'll bring a camera and will post photos of the afternoon online here by permission.

Now for the hotness files…messing around with the format for the past few weeks was met with a load resounding 'no thanks' from many readers. Apparently you like your beefcake as much as I do…Still, I'll try to find balance for y'all. I like the middle. Take that however you want.

I've been doing my homework on model mayhem – have a shoot with David Sandford next Wednesday morning and wanted to brush up on posing. I was pretty impressed by this guy – here's M. Flynn.