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Tuesday Hotness – Paul DiLillo

The hotness files are still open and for that, I am happy.

Tooling around on the internet today (complete exhaustion takes you interesting places some days), I came across these photos:

Now I had to crop out the centre of focus in the second photo because he was a popped-collar douchebag, so sorry for the depth of field on Mr. Tattoos there, but god and baby jesus…these are from Wormland's Spring Summer 2009 collection. And you know what, although I have a sinking feeling that these tattoos are not real, who the fuck cares? I LOVE ink work and I especially love ink work on male models. Let just put it this way, if drooling over online photos was a sport, I'd be a gold medalist.

Turns out the model is Paul DiLillo, a 20-yr-old (really?) from New Jersey, 5'8" with size 12 feet (really?) (no seriously, I didn't think guys who were 5'8" would genetically have 12" feet but what the fuck do I know?)