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Tuesday Hotness – Reece Karena, Mr. Gay New Zealand

There were so many Mr. Gay World delegates in Whistler last week and so little time. Reece Karena, however, always shone during the public parts of the competition, which were mostly traditional pagent format – elaborate productions put on by Vancouver’s Terry Costa, with many costume changes and a lot of flair. Here’s a biographical blurb from

Name Reece Karena
 Age  29
 Hobbies Arts, Museum, Cinema, Animation, Pop Culture, Design, fitness/gym.
 Profession  Graphic Designer
Statement: I
participate to represent the modern gay man and be a strong role model
for younger gay men – someone who is proud, healthy, educated and
career minded with a strong direction in life.I do not, in any
way, see myself as a gay super hero, but more as someone that a lot of
young gay men can relate to, and see that they needn’t be anything
other than themselves, at their best, to succeed in life.

Here’s the shots: