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Tuesday Hotness – Reese Rideout comes clean

Guess who's come clean in the latest issue of Marie Claire in the UK? Reese Rideout (Reece Jacobs in this piece) is straight and has a wife.

Well, my hat's off to Reese. I'm a super cynic, and when we were filming with him for our stripper episode of OutTV's Don't Quit Your Gay Job in 2009 (here and here and here)… well, he really seemed like he was enjoying himself, kissing fans in the basement of Celebrities, grabbing guys on the dancefloor. Maybe he just likes the attention and is that good an actor.

A really good actor. Because, as the reader who sent me this pointed out (thanks M), would you stay in a relationship with someone who lied to you about doing porn and told you over a dinner party while your friends were over? Get real… thanks but no thanks.

Click on the photo below for the whole article (scroll down when the new page loads).



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