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Tuesday Hotness – Robin Windsor/Burn The Floor

Have you heard of Burn The Floor yet? Whether you have or haven't, buy your tickets, Vancouver, cause everything about this show sounds hot, Hot, HOT! And by that, I mean scantily clad artistes dancing around passionately, glamourously and fashionably for your wonderment and delight. You you saw that right? Passion, glamour and fashion in the same sentence. Doesn't get gayer. Take it from me.

Moving on…at Brunch Talk on Sunday (thanks for coming bitches), Aaron Ursacki and I interviewed Burn The Floor's Robin Windsor for our morning live talk show. And although he's not really my type, I had the pleasure of watching Aaron rosebud like a cat in heat. So yes, this dancer has something and although I'd like to believe that I'm trying to help Aaron out with this posting, he really doesn't need any help to get what he wants.

Good luck, buddy!

(Hey, Aaron – Steve suggested I link out to your Facebook page. xx)

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