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Tuesday Hotness – Syren Song … who also recently won the inaugural Up Your Alley’s “Hot Mess” Performer of the Year award … and photos by the incomparable Tallulah

Something weird happened at the Entertainer of the Year awards last week at Celebrities. Check out the winner:

Check out 3:11 and prepare to have your mind blown – that's live, baby. LIVE.
Except wait a minute…Syren Song didn't win. WTF? What's more entertaining than this? Look at the production value of this piece. Off the hook, dear reader. Look at the dancing. Look at those crazy heels. Look at all the arm snapping good times! I don't want to say that the competition was blown out of the water, but…oh what the fuck. Most of the other acts are like photocopies when compared to something as original as this. And yo, I really did enjoy Celeste's number (viva la onstage costume change!) and Kristina Cash did an awesome job too…yet still this weird feeling…
…a weird feeling that feels like politics. Politics, dear reader? Politics in a competition? Nay…it couldn't be.
Ah fuck it. Being political, I've chosen Syren Song as Up Your Alley's "Hot Mess" Performer of the Year for 2009!
Here are some choice performance moments caught by Tallulah's incredible photography – check out more of her work (it's jaw-dropping) on line at

Congratulations, baby! Here's a Tuesday Hotness in your honour (these next photos are not from Tallulah, photographer unknown)

"Mommy, why is slutty Santa so ANGRY?"
"Because, honey, Mommy's been baaaaaaaaaad…"

Yeah she did…and then she did it again: