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Tuesday Hotness – The Moustache

It's Movember people. The month of moustaches. I am growing one. My roommate is growing one. My friend Dean is growing one. DJ Dreaddy is growing one. In fact, you should be growing one and remember: vaginal moustaches count (as do penile moustaches if you aren't able to grow one on your face, boys). The only catch is that you need to raise some money for prostate cancer research. This can be done by collecting from your friends and donating to a charity…or by coming to join us for the MAN OF MOVEMBER at 1181 on November 29. Check out the event page for more details.

In the spirit of Hotness Past and Hotness Present, I give you THE MOUSTACHE:

Damn that Tom Selleck straight to sexy hell!


<double scream>





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