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Tuesday Hotness: The Search for Dan

Yesterday's post got me thinking…there are a lot of Dans in this world. I've fallen quite hard for a few, especially that Dann I met back in 2006, the rogue surfer-doctor. He is still the only double 'n' Dann that I've met to this day.

Yes yes, you don't care about such things, so here's the tie in: this Tuesday Hotness mission was simple.

1) Fina a hot Dan.

2) Post pictures.

Sure, when push came to shove, I thought of Vancouverite Daniel Cudmore, but I mean really, people, is he worthy? IS HE? Gut tells me maybe, but not these photos. So I looked a little harder at www.mostbeautifulman.com and the results – though high in Dan quanity – were not high in Dan quality, so instead today's post is all about Digo Padovan:


Who says cat's cradle isn't sexy? Who? Who? Me. That's who. And unfortunately, not even Digo can prove otherwise: