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Tuesday Hotness – Vinny Gough pt 1

During the investigative work that helped uncovered the Gods of Football (check here and here) back in 2008, my Californian deep throat Robert Bass (oh wait, am I not supposed to reveal my sources?) gave me a lead on Vinny Gough.

Here's some background: "Vinny Gough is a builder and former rugby player from Ireland who's
living and working as a personal trainer and fitness model in
Sydney. He was featured on the cover of DNA MAG #95 in swimsuit
photos by "Gods of Football" photographer Pedro Virgil.  He is also a model for
teamm8 underwear and swimwear (the CD image comes from the teamm8 ad campaign,
which was shot by James Demetri)."

It's taken a month to get this posting together, so here's the teaser:

The good news is that the CD from this poster is pretty awesome. I received a demo copy in the mail (oooh the perks of being a blogaholic) and it's what I've been searching for recently – a gym ready mix to match my new work out plan. It's #2 on this week.

Here's the track listing:

Here's the bad news. Vinny's photos are languishing in an online photo share site that is to quote "down for a brief period while we push out some updates and install some shiny new hardware." Goddamn them straight to sexy hell.

So this is, in effect, the first part of your hotness. Check back later in the day for a full-posting complete with shiny, sexy photos for your Tuesday perusal.

More good news: readers have been sending me new music links all day long. There's a lot of good new music out there and I'll keep sharing it with ya as the week goes on.