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tUnE yArDs: Real Live Flesh

This is Merrill's new video. She lip-synchs with her pals. I've loved Merrill Garbus' orchestral and harmonics project tUnE yArDs since I first saw her at the now-defunct Cat Call nights first incepted by singer-songwriter Abigail Lapell at Casa Del Popolo. I think that was like in the 60s 2005 maybe? Anyway, she sang a song called Top Chef, about how much she really liked this dude on the reality show Top Chef. I like that. When people just make up shit, and its reflective of their immediate surroundings… like we have a priveliged edited view of one tangent in their little lives. 

I miss those nights. It's where I broke my geeky performance cherry—a cold Cagibi night in 2006. I learned about righty tighty that night. And the importance of neon hats and cardamon pepper cookies, and dhal, and friends who clap at your nonsense. Let's bring back all girl/girl-inspired open mic night! Somebody should get on that.

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