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Turkey, Roy Moore and How to Survive a Plague

Your Daily Package of newsy and naughty bits from around the world

Turkish capital bans all LGBT events

Officials in Turkey’s capital Ankara have officially banned all LGBT events, such as film screenings, panels or exhibitions, citing public “sensitivity” and “safety.” Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul has banned gay Pride parades for the past two years. [Reuters]

Roy Moore doubles down on homophobia

Embattled Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore has rallied his political troops with a press conference railing against same-sex marriage and relationships. Moore’s candidacy has come under fire after allegations emerged that he frequently harassed teenage girls. [Associated Press]

Trans Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Murder Monitoring project commemorated the Trans Day of Remembrance with a report tracking over 300 murders of trans people worldwide. Since the project began in 2008, the vast majority of registered murders have been in South America.

How to Survive a Plague wins nonfiction prize

American gay author David France has won the $50,000 Baillie Gifford Prize prize for his nonfiction book How to Survive a Plague. The book chronicles AIDS activists in the 1980s and 1990s. [Associated Press]

Court rules against soccer slur fines

An international sporting court in Switzerland has ruled that FIFA was wrong to fine the Mexican football federation for the homophobic chants of its fans. The court agreed that the slurs should not be tolerated, but said that FIFA was inconsistent about its threats to fine violators. [ESPN]