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Turkish tear gas, Kenyan justice and gays with guns

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Gays with guns

In the wake of the Orlando shooting, should LGBT folk arm themselves in self defense? Last week, posters went up in West Hollywood urging the gay community to #ShootBack, while a gay gun rights group has seen a surge in membership, and a Nevada gun range is offering free concealed carry courses for LGBT bar owners.

Kenyan judge rules anal tests legal

Using scientifically unsound “anal testing” to determine a man’s homosexuality is within the law, and not tantamount to torture, a Kenyan judge has ruled. Two men under trial for gay sex, which is illegal in Kenya, had argued that the tests were unconstitutional. The judge said that they were acceptable because “there was no other way evidence could have been obtained.”

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Turkey bans, disperses Pride parades

The governor of Istanbul banned Pride events this weekend, out of fears of attacks from emboldened Islamic groups after the US Orlando shooting. Extremist religious groups in the country promised counter protests, and even praised the Orlando shooter. On June 19, 2016, a small trans Pride march was dispersed by police using tear gas, while counter protesters seized and burned a rainbow flag.

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Havana’s land before Grindr

What was gay cruising life like before the internet? You can see for yourself in Havana, writes Richard Morgan at the New York Times. There, slow internet keeps the gay world in the era of cruising spots and gay bars.

Australian PM promises equal marriage vote

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australians will get to vote on equal marriage if his government is reelected. The opposition Labour Party, however, argues that the issue should be dealt with by parliament, and a referendum will be a platform for homophobia.

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