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Turning: a transgender love song by Antony Hegarty and Charles Atlas

What started as a performance/video installation/meditation on gender in 2004, soon became a tour of Europe and is now a documentary.

Turning is the love child of musician Antony Hegarty (Antony & The Johnsons) and filmmaker Charles Atlas. The documentary is more than just a concert film or a behind-the-scenes look into the creation of an artistic oeuvre.

The work in question was a series of performances by Hegarty wherein he would sing while Atlas filmed 13 “beauties” who stood on a revolving podium, the video feed beamed directly onto screens, leaving the audience with a live video portrait. The film also includes interviews with some of the beauties, such as Nomi, known from her work in Jessica 6 and Hercules & Love Affair.

My love of Antony knows no bounds, so to say that I am excited to see this film is putting it mildly.


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