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‘Twas the day after Christmas, as read by pornstar Chris Rockway

’Twas the day after Christmas, and in off the streets, a hard-on is stirring, right under these sheets.

The boy is quite hung in his tight, sexy jock, in hopes that St Nicholas will come suck his cock. This stud is all nestled and snug in his bed, with visions of hairy plums slapped on his head.

The presents were open, the food was all eaten, and his ass was hungry and wanted a beating.

Then burst through the door comes a pipe-smoking hunk; he makes lots of noise, because he is quite drunk.

He wakes up the boy as he slams the door shut. It looks like St Nicholas is ready to fuck.

He is dressed in tight clothes that show off his muscles. His biceps are bulging, and his hair is all toussled. The crotch of his pants has started to twitch.

It is time to give out one last Christmas wish. The strap of the jock, St Nick grabs with his teeth, and he pulls it right off, to reveal some prime beef.

His bearded face kisses his chest to his belly. And the boy moans in pleasure, as he quivers like jelly.

He speaks not a word, but goes straight to his work. He licks at his crack and gives his nipples a twerk.

And laying his finger on the side of his hole, the boy gives a nod to put it as deep as it goes.

His dick springs to life, and the boy gives a shout. And St Nick gets up to take his own big cock out. You are about to see St Nick screw a hot butt, so happy Christmas to all, and to all a good fuck.

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