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Tweet clues, gay conservatives and HIV positivity

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HIV-positive man wins Mr Gay New Zealand

Charlie Tredway, a New Zealand gay man living with HIV and New Zealand Aids Foundation worker has been named Mr Gay New Zealand. Tredway has spent years fighting against HIV stigma. 

Read more at at the New Zealand Herald.

Can gay folk be conservative?

In the New York Post last week, Out Magazine journalist Chadwick Moore wrote that after he wrote a positive profile of a conservative, the intensity of liberal backlash forced him to “come out” as a conservative himself. Skylar Baker Jordan in the Independant replies that being a conservative in America is a betrayal of LGBT rights, and that gay people have every reason to reject a gay conservative.

Trans activist missing in Eastern Ukraine

A trans activist and a friend have disappeared in Eastern Ukraine, and international rights groups are concerned the two have been captured by rebels, Radio Free Europe reports. Friends of the two became even more concerned when a message appeared on the activist’s Twitter February 9, but using the wrong pronoun.

UK man jailed for attack on lesbians

A man in Manchester has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for attacking a lesbian couple in a train last year. The couple, in their 40s, were sitting quietly on the train when the man insulted them, urinated on them, and then punched one in the face.

Read more at the Mirror.

The future of “the future is female”

At BuzzFeed, Shannon Keating wonders about the future of lesbian identity in the face of a gender revolution. Will the slogan “the future is female” still have meaning in a post-gender movement?