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Twitter battle between lesbian and trans woman ends in court order

Ooooooh boy . . . This is one of those stories that no one is going to feel good about, so let's just get through it and maybe learn something from it.

Anyway, a Twitter feud between lesbian advocate Cathy Brennan and trans activist Phylicia Sampson came to a head recently, when Sampson allegedly said that Brennan's thoughts on transgender rights made her want to spit in Brennan's face. This led to Brennan getting a court order against Sampson, and the metaphorical manifestation of LGBT rights just barfed in its own mouth a little.

"At some point, we came to a fork in the road because she believes transwomen are women," she said.

Brennan said Sampson had been sending her a slew of aggressive messages and continued to do so even after Brennan asked her to end their communications.

"I'm afraid of this person at this point," said Brennan, who added that she has received several death threats for her stance. "I take [threats] very seriously."

In a brief phone call with a reporter, Sampson said she has no plans to contact Brennan.

"[Brennan] uses the law as a form of manipulation," she said. "I have said some things but nothing personal about her." [SOURCE]

A few things here . . .

First, a trans woman is a woman. If someone lives her life as a woman, and identifies as a woman, I think that counts for a little more than genitalia.

Second, are we still having that "can trans people use bathrooms?!" debate? Jesus . . . Yes, trans women should be free to use women's rooms. If you're worried that they're just using your bathrooms because they want to watch you . . . I hate to break it you, but few people care about your genitals as much as you do. So you can relax, because trans people aren't pulling some long-con for the sake of potentially seeing you in the bathroom.

Finally, I know that not everyone thinks the T belongs in LGBT, but the current norm is hetero and cis. Anyone who isn't both is discriminated against, so yes, when it comes to inequal rights based on sexuality and gender, we're in the same boat. The in-fighting doesn't accomplish anything other than distracting us from real problems by preoccupying our time with petty squabbles against people who shouldn't be our enemies to begin with. It's like Tina Fey said in Mean Girls . . .