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Two great things that go WRONG together

Today, a disturbing number of things that just don't belong together, like:

Carrie Prejean and books: the former beauty queen has scored a big paycheque for her story of how the gays have silenced her.  Irony is dead.

John Barrowman and race cars: while appearing on "Fifth Gear" this week, the "Torchwood" star forgot that while his character is immortal, he is not!

MC Hammer and Twitter: 140 characters makes one for every minute of his career. 

Chris Brown and a teleprompter: he may be trying to beat
criminal charges like he did Rhianna but blankly reading canned
speeches? "Take You Down," indeed:

— "Harry Potter" and voodoo: Geraldo Rivera on FOX News mixes the new movie, Christian exorcisms, "True Blood" and transphobia into a big gumbo of crazy:

Henry Louis Gates Jr. and, apparently, his own house: the renowned Harvard professor was arrested on a SAHWB (Sitting at Home While Black)!

Rick Astley and Nirvana:  here's where I give up though — if loving this is wrong, I don't want to be right!