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Tyler, the Creator: homophobic or just dumb?

Last night Tyler, the Creator won Best New Artist at the MTV VMAs, which, at this point, are pretty much the most oxymoronic awards ever. Unfortunately, they can’t give awards to stupid drunk leprechaun whores, so we’ll just pretend that they still know what music is.

Anyway, the big controversy is that Tyler, the Creator is… well, not the biggest fan of the gays. As in, he uses the word “faggot” 213 times on his album (to whoever actually sat down and counted them: please take the gun out of your mouth. Life is still worth living). See how that may be a problem? Yet again, people are talking about whether or not he’s homophobic.

First things first. Let’s put this in perspective. Watch the video for “Yonkers,” which netted him the award.

All right, in context, it kind of makes sense that he would say “faggot” 213 times. It’s not because he’s homophobic; it’s because he is crazier than a shithouse rat.

Look, being stupid or insane doesn’t excuse you from acting like a complete jack-off. At the same time, when compared to his eating a cockroach, throwing up and subsequently hanging himself, it’s not like this is a hugely positive endorsement for the use of the word “faggot.” In context, this makes people who use the term look like raging goddamn lunatics. In short, it’s not homophobic, but it sure is dumb as fuck all. 

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