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Tyra Banks tortures with new book

As a writer I find this insulting and unfair. One of the reader comments says it best: “My five-year-old could write more sophisticated prose.” It just isn’t right that a famous person can write a book (if we can call it that) that ordinarily a publishing house wouldn’t even wipe its ass with, and she gets a contract! Probably one with several figures! I guaran-fucking-tee this shit wouldn’t see the light of day if it didn’t come from the (mentally challenged?) mind of Ms Banks. No, I’m serious, is she retarded? Because this looks like the first draft of something I wrote in the fourth grade, and got an F for. At least she quite obviously didn’t use a ghost writer, although in this case, it might’ve been appreciated. If you can bear it, check out a sample chapter of Modelland here. Apparently Tyra is “feverishly” working on the sequel because she’s retired from modelling and daytime TV to be a writer masochist.

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