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U2, Kennedy’s dilemma and the best closeted politician name ever

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The hypocrisy of Randy Boehning

A North Dakota lawmaker with an anti-gay voting record has been exposed on Grindr, where he sent explicit texts and images. The best part? His name is Randy Boehning. Step down, Anthony Weiner; the crown no longer belongs to you.

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US Supreme Court justices torn over same-sex marriage

In oral arguments Tuesday, April 28, US Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose vote is expected to decide whether gay marriage will be legalized across the country, seemed torn on the issue. Kennedy both lauded the “noble purpose” of gay couples who wish to marry, but also worried that the idea was too new. You can read the full transcripts of the arguments here and here.

Russian politician says U2 album is gay propaganda

A Russian Duma deputy has asked the country’s attorney general to investigate Apple for distributing “gay propaganda” over the cover art of a new U2 album. The album cover shows the band’s drummer, shirtless, hugging his son.

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Israeli lesbian partner recognized as mother

For the first time, an Israeli woman has been automatically recognized as the mother of her partner’s baby. Previously, lesbian couples in Israel had to sort out parenthood through adoption. A Tel Aviv family court ruled, however, that the woman was the mother of her partner’s twin babies, who were conceived through sperm donation.

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Russian teacher fired for being gay loses court case

A Russian court has ruled against a St Petersburg teacher who was fired for being gay. The teacher, known only as Alevtina, was fired, along with other teachers, after she was targeted by an anti-gay activist. She plans to appeal the ruling.

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