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UFC signs its first-ever openly gay fighter

I’m surprised the Ultimate Fighting Championship doesn’t have a larger gay fan base. I mean, all it is is a bunch of hot rough trade spooning each other and rolling around on the ground, sweaty and shirtless, their taught bodies straining against each other . . . Excuse me a moment; I’ll be in my bunk.

Anyway, yesterday the UFC came a step closer to bringing in an LGBT audience when it officially signed the first openly gay fighter, Liz Carmouche, to its roster.

Signed to UFC yesterday, she has become the company’s first openly gay fighter. Carmouche’s involvement represents a major step forward for UFC, especially considering their past history of homophobia. (UFC president Dana White once threw a tantrum because a male fighter stepped into the ring wearing a pair of lavender shorts.) While it’s doubtful that openly gay male fighters will be given the same welcome anytime soon, Carmouche involvement is still a sign of progress. [SOURCE]

I’m not sure what it says about how far we’ve come when the idea of an openly out lesbian punching other women in the face until they stop being conscious is a sign of progress. I think that’s a good thing, right? I mean, it’s consensual, so I should really stop looking a gift horse in the mouth here, shouldn’t I? Fuck it, this is a good thing! End of story! 

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