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Uganda, redux

There was a rare weekend release by NDP MP Bill Siksay on the situation facing queers in Uganda (and apologies for not posting it sooner).

New Democrat Critic for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Transsexual issues, Bill Siksay, (Burnaby Douglas) is calling on Canada to show leadership on the deplorable state of GLBTT human rights in Uganda.

A recent article in a Ugandan newspaper published the photos and addresses of 100 gay Ugandans as part of the paper’s anti-gay “Hang Them” campaign. Since the article was published, some of the people on the list have been physically attacked, harassed or forced into hiding.

“Canada needs to step in and let Uganda know that provoking violence against any minority is unacceptable, and that their government has an obligation to protect its GLBTT citizens,” said Siksay. “That’s why I’ve written to Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, asking him to urgently meet with the Ugandan High Commissioner to express Canada’s very serious concerns for the safety and human rights of GLBTT Ugandans.”

Earlier this year, Siksay tabled a motion calling on the Government of Canada to continue to speak out against the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” that was introduced in the Ugandan Parliament in October 2009. Siksay’s motion passed unanimously in Parliament.

“Given Parliament’s strong all-party commitment to GLBTT human rights in Uganda, Canada must do all it can to ensure the safety and improve the situation of the GLBTT community there,” concluded Siksay.

A letter to Foreign Affairs Minister is also posted.

Interestingly, Conservative Minister James Moore posted his own disapproval over Twitter.

Sickening: Whereas we have our "It Gets Better" campaign. In Uganda, gay men are targetted for assassination.

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