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Ugandan lawmaker refuses to withdraw anti-gay bill

The creator of Uganda's anti-gay bill says he will not withdraw the proposed legislation, reports the Associated Press.

On Thursday, Uganda's minister of state and investment said that the Ugandan government would ask MP David Bahati to withdraw his bill because they fear "backlash from foreign investors."

"I stand by the bill," Bahati told AP. "I will not withdraw it. We have our children in schools to protect against being recruited into [homosexuality]. The process of legislating a law to protect our children against homosexuality and defending our family values must go on."

AP reports that the bill is set to appear before Uganda's parliament in late February or early March.

Dec 10, 2009 protest in London against Uganda's anti-gay bill. L-R: Michael Senyonjo, Richard S, Topher Campbell, Peter Tatchell.