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Ugandan parliament passes anti-gay bill

Cases of 'aggravated homosexuality' will be punishable by life imprisonment

Ugandan MP David Bahati first introduced the anti-gay bill. Credit: Xtra file photo

Ugandan lawmakers passed a bill Dec 20 that would further criminalize homosexuality, including life imprisonment in some cases, according to the BBC. 

The infamous "Kill the Gays" bill had originally proposed the death penalty for cases of "aggravated homosexuality," but lawmakers removed this penalty after intense international pressure. 

Cases of "aggravated homosexuality" will now be punishable by life imprisonment. 

The BBC reports that Ugandan Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi had tried to prevent the vote, arguing that parliament did not have quorum.

Meanwhile, MP David Bahati, the politician who first tabled the bill, told AFP news agency that the passage of the bill is a victory for the central African country. "I am glad the parliament has voted against evil," he said. 

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