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UK: Gay teacher resigns after parents complain

Andrew Moffat says parents objected to children learning being gay is okay


A gay primary school teacher in Birmingham, England, has resigned after parents objected to having their children exposed to LGBT resources in the classroom, Pink News reports.

Andrew Moffat, who came out to a school assembly and used a book featuring gay people, says a number of Christian and Muslim parents told him they didn’t want him teaching their children that “it’s okay to be gay.” 

Moffat says he stepped down from his position as assistant head at Birmingham’s Chilwell Croft Academy after the protests and has found a new teaching job elsewhere.

Moffat, who is the author of a learning resource titled “Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools,” does not regret his decision to come out during the assembly, saying he was motivated to do so after some students presented a poster that read, “Gay is good.”

The Independent quotes the gay head of another Birmingham school as saying that he’s shocked that a small group had intimidated Moffat, who was doing “incredible work” in relationship education.