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Ukrainian rainbows, word choice and an intersex saviour

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Ukraine paints rainbow on soviet monument

In preparation for the notoriously gay Eurovision Song Contest, the Ukrainian capital of Kiev has painted a soviet arch into a rainbow. Right-wing groups, however, are protesting the symbolism.

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Putin backs Chechnya inquiry

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will look into reports that gay men in Chechnya have been rounded up, detained and tortured. Putin was urged to take action by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Australian anti-bullying petition collapses over word choice

A petition to improve anti-bullying support in Australian schools has been retracted over the author’s choice of words. The petition called for “tolerance” of LGBT students, but critics say the higher bar of “acceptance” should have been demanded.

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The midwife who saves intersex babies

In Kenya, intersex babies are traditionally killed at birth. One midwife, however, has challenged her culture by adopting unwanted intersex children.

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Russian newspaper attacks Manchester gay village

A columnist in Russia’s largest newspaper has written a scathing report on Manchester’s gay village, urging her own country not to follow the path of gay acceptance. She seemed both surprised and horrified that there was a part of the city dedicated to gay people in the first place.

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