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Uncovering Thom Allison

The celebrated Toronto actor takes on Sting and Christmas

Thom Allison takes on the songs of Sting. Credit: Drew Rowsome

Thom Allison may be the hottest thing on the stage right now, but he has a tough time wrapping his head around it. “It’s good! It’s weird. What else is there? It’s great to have people thinking that, but you know — back to the show! Maybe it’ll get me more and more interesting work. It’s lovely and flattering.”

He certainly has been getting more interesting work. Allison is part of the all-star lineup for Acting Up Stage Company’s new show, UnCovered: Sting & The Police, based on the songs and lyrics of Sting. “The thought of taking something that is known and changing the context of it, that’s really what this event is,” Allison says. “What’s great, and what I love, is that these are songs people know really well, but we show a personal version of the song; it’s a fresh take on a classic. It’s a whole and complete experience that is so fresh. People will get to really hear the lyrics and what they’re really saying. There’s a lot of ‘I’ve never heard this before! I understand this now!’

“The one I’ve been singing and fell in love with is ‘Mad About You.’ It’s so complicated and interesting and has so much poetry, and I’m drawn to a narrative with a real emotional line.”

Beyond UnCovered, Allison is preparing for his own cabaret show — Shut Up, It’s Christmas! — at the end of November. “I’m not very idle,” he says, chuckling. “I don’t settle very well. The show is hilarious, and so ridiculous — can I really do this for people in public? But it tickles me, so I think others will enjoy it as well. It’s very kooky and crazy and campy and fun.”

Before Allison gets back to rehearsals, we ask the hard-hitting question: if he had to adopt one of Sting’s signature items — tight leather pants or a too-small T-shirt — which would he choose? “Oh god. Leather pants are too much on my ass, and the T-shirt wouldn’t highlight anything on me. I’ll find my own version of what Sting wears.”