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Unrealistic RCMP beauty standards

Those riding breeches really emphasize her curves

Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers have a new, impossible beauty standard to live up to. And they thought it was hard keeping up with Commissioner Bob Paulson . . .

Barbie, the doll with the disproportionately small hands, feet and waist and disproportionately large breasts, is having a limited-edition run, as part of Mattel’s Dolls of the World collection, in RCMP drag. The doll has proved popular: the shop at the RCMP Heritage Centre sold 100 RCMP Barbies in less than 48 hours.

While also celebrating the 140th anniversary of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police (precursor to the RCMP), founded in 1873, the RCMP began to accept women as regular force members in 1974, which means next year will mark the 40th of women being allowed into the organization.