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Unsolved gay murder

The Vancouver Police Department is asking once more for anyone who may have information relating to the 2003 death of Edgar Leonardo to come forward.

Det Richard Akin says police have received a number of tips in the case but not one that moves the case forward on a firm footing. “We just don’t have a suspect,” he says. “I’m looking for a quality tip.”

It may be a case of somebody having the information police need but not realizing they have that crucial information, Akin notes.

Leonardo’s body was found in his 1601 Comox St apartment Aug 27, 2003. His landlady discovered his body after colleagues grew concerned about the gay man’s unexplained absence from work.

Akin has long suspected the death was the result of a bad date.

The detective is specifically interested in information on the 36-year-old Leonardo’s last days between Aug 23 and Aug 27. Leonardo was last seen around 9:30 pm Aug 23, 2003, as he was leaving his family’s East Vancouver house after dinner.

Akin says Leonardo liked to meet men in coffee shops, mainly in the West End. He also apparently liked to cruise after midnight at an adult theatre on Main St, as well as at English Bay.

Part of the problem might be that Leonardo was not very well known in the gay community, Akin suggests. However, he remains optimistic that someone will call with a vital tip.

While the case has been open since 2003, Akin says all homicides are a priority for the police department.