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Unveiling more ads

If you needed any more convincing that we’re still careening toward an election this autumn, the Bloc previewed their own ads yesterday, which basically asserted that Harper and Ignatieff are really the same. The slogan – “Two parties, one option,” with the two nationalist leaders’ faces side-by-side. I guess time will tell.

Democracy Watch was in the Federal Court yesterday arguing that Harper’s 2008 election call was in fact illegal given the 2006 fixed election-date law. They’ve previously said that they basically want the courts to a) declare Harper to be a dishonest lying liar, and b) set out a framework to define in writing things like what can be considered a confidence vote, and just when a Prime Minister can advise a Governor General about an election call – something which would start to interfere on her reserve powers, and limit the kind of flexibility on these things she currently enjoys. While it may be a blow against the kind of Dick Cheney-Karl Rove tactics that the current PMO likes to employ, I do get nervous about spelling out a Governor General’s reserve powers because the whole phrase of “unintended consequences” starts to ring in my ears.

A Quebec transgendered lawyer has lost her case against the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, where she alleged that the Canadian Forces rejected her application because of her sexuality. They said it was because they didn’t have enough work for someone who spoke only French. This same lawyer has previously complained against the National Bank and the NDP – for whom she was dumped as a candidate, ostensibly because she wasn’t a “team player.”

Speaking of the Canadian Forces, it looks like they’re looking to further refine their CADPAT camouflage uniforms, which could mean new duds for our boys and girls in uniform.

And she made it official – Elizabeth May will be running against Gary Lunn in the next election. Her main offence – that Lunn fired the president of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Linda Keen, and that he still hasn’t answered for that decision, even though Keen was eventually proved right in her concerns about Chalk River.