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Update: Canadian Tire says Capital Xtra box can stay, but…

Canadian Tire general manager Rick Waugh reports that there had been a misunderstanding amongst the employees at the Merivale store concerning the removal of Capital Xtra boxes.

The store owner’s assistant, Sharon Rosewarne, called Capital Xtra earlier this week to request that the two purple boxes be removed. But Waugh says one of the boxes can stay, as long as it is placed along the side of the building, not the front of the store.

Ottawa Citizen and Ottawa Sun boxes are being permitted to remain at the store’s entrance, while the Capital Xtra box along the side of the building has virtually no visibility. When Capital Xtra employees went to check it out, the box was not even stocked — probably a result of the distributor not even seeing it.

Capital Xtra is currently looking for another location for the box in the Merivale area, since as of now, the box is hidden so well that it may as well have been removed.