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UPDATE: Greg denied entry to the US

OUR Favrit Ting Greg Bourgoin was denied entry to the US and is back in Montreal. Oh and I forgot to mention two things: Greggy is my ex-roomie and also he is from New Brunswick. BUT DUDE. Denied? WTF. Read a snippet of our conversation below.

… this means I am not permitted to even attempt to enter the USA for 10 years. LOL. Anyway, it did have a lot to do with my being gay and travelling with an older male companion. They assumed he was paying me for sex, which was not the case, but because he had paid for my plane ticket they assumed otherwise. Anyway, we should do tea or something and I can tell you the story. All in all it was for the best the more I reflect. Things here in Montreal need to be faced and my retreating in every sense of  the word was not helping me get on with my life. Anyway, we'll talk soon I hope. Love you muchly,

Well I say FUCK EM. It reminds me of my own travels, desire to retreat far away. This weekend I got to thinking, if I leave this city… what would I be looking for? What do I hope to find? Isn't the point of life to be happy? My head is swirly and heart is hurty. But I can't say I'm not looking forward to the summer in the city. LEGEN-DARY.


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