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UPDATE: Marcil assault pre-trial hearing ends; next date set for Dec 5

Andrew Lefebvre appeared Nov 5, 18 months after CP incident

The preliminary hearing of Andrew Lefebvre, facing charges of assault causing bodily harm, went ahead as scheduled Nov 5.

The charges stem from a May 26, 2007 alternation at Centretown Pub. During the incident, local drag queen Dixie Landers, real name Michael Marcil, was injured. While a day and a half had been booked for proceedings, everything proceeded swiftly, and the additional scheduled date was not needed.

The court heard from eight witnesses. Although the hearing is public, witness testamony is covered by a pre-trial publication ban. Lefebvre, who faces up to ten years in prison if convicted, has elected to stand trial before a judge and jury. The purpose of the preliminary hearing was largely an exploration and discovery process, to hear from witnesses and face some mild cross-examination — what the Crown Prosecutor termed “examination lite.”

Lefebvre himself was present throughout the proceedings, sitting with his family. He seemed largely unconcerned with the testimony, at times nodding with witness testimony, and rolling his eyes at others.

Lefebvre is scheduled to return to court on Dec 5, 2008 for the next stage of proceedings.

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The pre-trial of Andrew Lefebvre is set to begin on Wed, Nov 5. Lefebvre is charged with assault causing bodily harm after a May 26, 2007 alternation at Centretown Pub. Michael Marcil, better known as drag queen Dixie Landers, was injured during the incident.

Lefebvre’s co-accused, Sheri-Lee Rand, had her charge of assault withdrawn following a separate June 18, 2008 pre-trial. Capital Xtra has not reported on the details of Rand’s pre-trial, since witness testimony could jeopardise Lefebvre’s case.

Lefebvre’s trial had initially been slated to last four days, but has now been rescheduled to last only a day-and-a-half, with the full day on the 5th, followed on the afternoon of the 7th. He will appear at the Ontario courthouse in downtown Ottawa (161 Elgin St).

If convicted, Lefebvre faces up to ten years in prison.