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UPDATE: Police to investigate King Station assault as hate crime

Puzzling inconsistencies mount

Police are tracking an assault on a gay man at King Station in the early morning of April 22 as a hate crime, but there are new inconsistencies in the alleged victim’s story.
Toronto Police Service Det Constable Faizal Karmali says the incident has been referred to the police’s hate crime unit for tracking and that he intends to give the Crown evidence that the incident was a gaybashing.
Jon Chaisson says he was head-butted by a man who shouted, “Hey faggot” at him as he entered King Station in Toronto at 12:45am on April 22. He told Xtra the man followed him onto the subway platform and picked a fight with him after they got on the subway. Chaisson says he suffered broken teeth and bruises.
Collin Dillon is accused of assault causing bodily harm in connection with the incident. He disputes much of Chaisson’s story and says he never called Chaisson “faggot.” Dillon also took several punches in the altercation and was left with bruises and cuts to his face. 
Karmali won’t discuss details of the case, but he tells Xtra that Chaisson told him that the altercation began on the subway platform, not at the subway entrance or mezzanine, as Chaisson told Xtra. Dillon says the entire fight took place in the subway car.
Chaisson previously altered his story when confronted with evidence that Dillon had been punched multiple times. He previously said he hit Dillon only once but now says he hit him at least one more time on the subway platform at Queen Station. When asked to clarify the inconsistencies, Chaisson told Xtra he no longer wishes to answer questions and referred us to his lawyer.
Police refused to comment on other discrepancies between Chaisson’s and Dillon’s versions of the events, including whether or not Dillon had been drinking, and how many witnesses there were to the events. Karmali says he has spoken to two witnesses who corroborate Chaisson’s story but that he has not spoken with Dillon’s girlfriend.
Chaisson has created a Facebook group encouraging people to attend the court date. Among those who’ve confirmed is Ward 27 Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam.
“[Chaisson] called my office twice,” says Wong-Tam. “As a local councillor who represents the LGBT community in the Village, I wanted to lend my support that way.”