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UPDATE: Seed Money is ready to go

Not gonna lie: I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to think of some sort of orgasm-related pun for the headline to talk about how Seed Money has reached its goal of $25,000. I was thinking of “Seed Money finally comes into money,” but that just sounded weird and poorly worded. If anyone else has any fundraising/semen puns, feel free to share them. Winners will receive delicious cake and/or hugs.

Anyway, the movie about Falcon Studios’ creator Chuck Holmes is ready to be made, thanks to the generous donations of 284 people. It’s a Christmas freaking miracle! Here’s the quote from Mike Stabile:

We’re in awe.

Chuck’s story began as a labor of love, it became an obsession, and with your help, it’s become a movement. We can’t thank you enough. Through your generosity, through your enthusiasm, through your tireless campaigning on our behalf we made our goal and Seed Money has gotten funded. 

Now the real work begins. To the story of Chuck, of the industry he built, and the ways in which not only porn, but the politics of sexuality changed over those three decades. We can’t wait to bring you with us. We’ll be in good touch going forward. For right now, we’re going to have a drink. It’s been a stressful 45 days, and we couldn’t have done it with out you.

Thank you,

Mike, Ben, Jack 

Congrats to the three producers behind the project! It’s a nobel endeavour and we wish them all the best. Now, I do believe you promised us stickers . . .

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